You Know How Frustrated You Feel When Someone You Love Needs Help and You Aren't Really Sure What to Do?

I Solve This !

Get Honest Answers and Advice

From An Industry Expert Who does Not Get A Commission or Kickback

  • Get the facts about senior services in your area of town
  • Know what questions you should ask and who you should talk to at a facility.
  • Know which companies have a good reputation and which do not.

Someone you love is aging and you want to help

When mom began to have health problems and needed some assistance we were lost. I began to research to find out what was available in senior care. At that time I had no industry knowledge or experience.

​The problem was that the more we searched the more confused we were!  Everybody was trying to sell me on their service and convince me that what they were selling was the best thing for our family.

​Then I called one of those "Free Advisors". They gave me a list of places and then gave my contact name out to 20 communities! I was looking in Cypress and they sent me stuff in Sugar Land! I was really feeling overwhelmed and I bet you are also.

"Trying to Navigate the Elder Care System By Yourself is Like  Trying To Fly An Airplane When You Are Not A Pilot." ~ Kathryn Watson

It doesn't matter how smart you are, if you are not in this industry there is a lot you don't know.

 If you do not have experience in the elder care industry you need to hire a professional. A poor decision could cost you and that special someone you care for to lose thousands of $$$$.​

Hiring An Independent Advisor Will:

Save Time

Save You Time

Researching care options and visiting facilities takes a lot of time. Each place you call will try to keep you on the phone for 30 to 60 minutes and then will call and email you constantly​! Let us narrow the search for you so you don't waste precious time calling places that aren't a match for your situation.

5 resources To Pay For Assisted Living

Save You Money

Somebody has to pay those "Free Advisors" don't they? Ultimately it will be you! Fees that could have been negotiated have to be paid to pay the "free advisor" While all companies will not negotiate fees, many will and this could save you thousands! 

Family Care Givers

Give You Peace of Mind

Knowing that someone who is familiar with the industry in the Greater Houston area is on your side will give you peace of mind when making those difficult decisions. As an Independent Advisor I get to know the companies and facilities.   I know the good, the bad and the ugly.

Elizabeth Hilbun, Hilbun Law Firm-Estate Planning

"Our firm has used Kathryn many times over the years! The families have reported nothing but positive outcomes.

Elizabeth Hilbun-  Elder Law Attorney

Knowing who to talk to- the right questions to ask- and where to begin your search is invaluable.

Susan, Sharon and Bob's daughter contacted me about her parent's dilemma. Bob was in his mid 70's and still in the early stages of Alzheimer's. They both knew that it was important to move closer to their children when the time came that Sharon needed more help caring for Bob.

"Knowing and accepting don't always go hand in hand"

We looked at the different options that were available in the Katy area so they would be close to Susan and other family members. We also took a hard look at finances to make sure the money was going to hold out for the duration of this illness and that there would be some  left over for Sharon.

I gave them referrals to a couple of Elder Law Attorneys in the area and suggested they have a visit to make sure all of their ducks were in a row.​

Because Bob was still doing pretty well but did need a little supervision we choose an independent living community. Bob and Sharon could have their own apartment with 3 meals a day, transportation​ and lots of activities. Both could be comfortable here. The community also offered an on site home care service that could help with issues that might arise. There was an extra fee for this service but because they had an office on site they could charge in 15 minute increments. This made the service very affordable.

Sharon wasn't ready to move into an assisted living and Bob was not needing memory care just yet. They wanted to live together. Independent living offered  both what was needed at this time.

We also took a look at some memory care communities in the area  for when it was time to cross that bridge.

Straight Honest Answers = Peace of Mind:

Stay Home With Homecare or Move To Assisted Living?

"Most people don't know what they don't know until they don't know it. And then they are usually in a crisis"

I hope you will reach out for help before a crisis but if you find yourself in the middle of one we will muddle through it together. ~ Kathryn Watson

Caregiver Life Coach and Independent Elder Care Advisor

You Need a Plan and You Need a Strategy

Strategy and Planning Session

  • Together we will take a look at what is happening right now and what possibilities may await in the future.
    • Based on the information you give me we will make a plan to help you move forward. We will look at all of the options and what each will cost to make sure it is within your budget.
    • Other professionals may be consulted as needed such as a Elder Law Attorney or a Geriatric Care Manager

Which Place Should I Pick?

When you just need  unbiased advice from someone familiar with the Houston area market who does not have any affiliation with any particular company.

 30 to 45 minutes to discuss your concerns

I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly about any communities you are considering.

  • Make the Right Decision! Review of properties you may be considering. Pros and Cons of each.
  • Is there something else you are not aware of??  Information about other options you may not be aware of.
  • Know what to really expect including hidden fees. Information about what cost to expect.
  • Commissions or referral fees are never accepted from any service providers


A Full Strategy and Planning Session

When are are not sure what services you need and who can help you.

We will meet in person or by phone for 45 minutes to 1 hour to assess your needs.

2 follow up calls / unlimited email

  • Your Questions Answered and More! Discover what you may not know about elder care services. We will give you a full overview of what services will meet your particular needs.
  • Don't be surprised with unexpected fees.  Discover the cost of each service and  who pays. Learn aboutVA benefits that could help pay for home care or assisted living.
  • We will look at what the best options are for your families needs. Review of companies in your area of town who can help
  •  The Three People You Should Talk to When Visiting  an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community. Learn who to talk to and what questions to ask.
  • Commissions or referral fees are never accepted from any service providers


"That Initial Call To Kathryn Was The Best Decision We Ever Made"

In February 2013, my wife and I were faced with the need to move her elderly parents from Indiana to Spring, TX. They were still somewhat independent but did not want to live with us or in their own home. We were perplexed as to what to do and we certainly did not have the knowledge concerning elder care. A friend of ours recommended that we call Kathryn to discuss our situation so that she could advise us. That initial call to Kathryn was the best decision that we made. Subsequently, after multiple discussions with Kathryn we have successfully moved my in-laws into a nearby assisted living facility, sold their Indiana house and re-enrolled them into a Texas Medicare Supplement plan. Kathryn is a consummate professional with a plethora of knowledge in her field. She always is available when I call to discuss elder care issues and her advise is always "spot on". I have recommended multiple colleagues to Kathryn and will continue to give her the highest recommendation for her knowledge, skill and expertise. I will also continue to personally utilize her advise and counsel as my wife and I move closer to our "golden years

Bob Siurek
Independent Human Resources Professional 

"Kathryn Wrote Two Books On Eldercare"

"Kathryn is an expert on the subject of eldercare, and has written two very informative books on the subject. I will refer to the information in her books for years in the future, and I recommend Kathryn to anyone who needs assistance in these types of issues."

- Jaclyn Croft-Virtual Administrative Assistant and Author Assistant

 Get Peace of Mind...

 Knowing That  No Stone Was Left Unturned

You Did The Best You Could Do!

Independent Advisor

"Honest Answers and Advice From An Advisor Who Has Been in Your Shoes"

It is helpful to get someone else’s perspective on the situation, someone who has knowledge of elder care industry you may not have. Unlike family and friends a life coach/ eldercare advisor is impartial. They have no investment in your decision and no past with you or your loved one to cloud the issue.

My Proven 3 Step Process will help you move forward making decisions in the best interest of all concerned. You will be amazed at how the stress will begin to roll off your shoulders. Together we will look at the whole situation. When the session is over you will have a plan and know where to start.

 Follow Up Phone Calls and emails will help to answer any new questions that may arise.

Where did you get the idea that you have to do everything yourself? Working with a professional can help you to make the most effective decisions for your family.

Everybody will have peace of mind!

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Save Money on Elder Care- Hire an independent Elder Care Advisor
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"My intention is to help families make those difficult transitions easier. If for any reason you are not happy with my service I will refund your money."

Kathryn Watson


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