Houston Assisted Living Residential Care Home List

This is your weekly list of Resident Care Homes in the Greater Houston area. Get the contact information you need and Find a Houston Assisted Living Residential Care Home Today! Prices and Phone #'s Are Listed For Your Convenience.

This is your updated list- March 23rd, 2017​


Light Heart Memory Care

Shared Male or Female $4950

281-668-4689-  Call Pat​

Alzheimer's Certified​

2017 Small Assisted living care Homes

Proverbial Care

Shared or Private M/F $3800 to $4150

713-597-6389-  Call Tayrae​

ADivine Home- Personal Care Home

ADivine Care Home

Call Angel-832-925-4708

Semi Private-$3000

Private- $3500

Autumn Grove- Pearland

Call Adrian For More Information



Clear Lake/ Dickenson/ Webster

Light Heaert memory Care

Light Heart Memory Care

281-668-4689- Pat

Male or Female- $5150

Alzheimer’s Certified

May 21 Availability List Residential Care Homes

Serenity Gardens

832-981-4541- Melia

Private $5900

Alzheimer’s Certified

Baytown/Pasadena/Crosby/Deer Park

ADL Baytown Assisted Living

ADL Assisted Living


Male or Female Shared- $3200

Private- $3800 to $4200​

New Listing Available

​Contact Kathryn To List Your Home Here


Humble/ Atascocita

May7 List of Residential Care Homes

Estia Care

Call Diane- ​281-853-8203

One Rare Opening -Female $3500

New Home Available

Contact Kathryn To List Your Home


Kingwood/Porter/New Caney

Plantation Assisted Living-Porter-Kingwood

Plantation Assisted Living

Call Alina- 281-783-3626


Semi Private Male or Female $3500

Private $4500

Plantation Assisted Living Porter-Kingwood

Plantation Assisted Living

Call Alina-281-783-3626

Semi Private Male and Female- $3800

Private $4800

Alzheimer's Certified​

March 3rd Residential care Home List


Call 936-337-4528

Private Female $2500

Care at Hummingbird Assisted Living New Caney

Care At Hummingbird

Call Morris-832-514-4851

Semi Private Male or Female $2750

Private $3500​


Village green Alzheimer's Care Home

Village Green- Alzheimer's Certified

Call Megan-936-228-8310


Alzheimer's Certified​

Avid Care Cottages- Conroe

Avid Care

Call Adrian For More Information



Afternoon Tea At Home Bridge Care Home

HomeBridge Care

Call Carol-713-568-3930

Shared- $2950


Day Care and Respite Available​

Alternative to Nursing Homes-Ultimate Care By God's Providers

Ultimate Care Homes

Call Debbie-281-853-8259

Private - Full

Semi-Private- Full

Wait List​

The Pines at Oakhurst

The Pines At Oakhurst

Call Ted-281-884-3465

Private- $4500


Alzheimer's Certified​


Golden Girls

Call- 832-981-4284

Private- Full

Semi-private- $2800

Grace Residential Care Home

Grace Residential Care Home

Call Lydia-832-981-4314

Private- $4000    NOW AVAILABLE

Semi Private- Full

Nan's House Personal care

Nan's House Personal Care Home


Private- $4500

Semi-Private​ $4000

Spring Branch

October 13th Residential Care Home

Fairbanks Court Assisted Living

Call Kate-713-597-4125

Semi Private- $4150

Private-​ $4650

New Listing Available

Contact Kathryn To List Your Home Here


The Woodlands

Ultimate Care Home Rigewood

Ultimate Care Homes

Call  Debbie-281-853-8259

Private- Full

Shared- Full

Clemmies 91st Birthday at Grace Residential Care Home

Grace Residential Care Home

Call Lydia- 

Private- $4000  NOW AVAILABLE

Semi-Private- Full

The Pines of Oakhurst

The Pines At Oakhurst

Call Ted- 281-884-3465

Private- $4500

Semi-Private- $3500

Alzheimer's Certified

Unlimited Care Kingwood- Assisted Living Cottage

Unlimited Care Cottages

Call Adrian For More Information on this home


North Houston 1960 Area

Avid Care Cottages North

Avid Care North

Call Adrian For More Information


New Listing Available

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​Call Kathryn- 281-827-7090


Comfort Care Assisted Living

Cypress Assisted Living

Call Paul or Sharon-

Female only home

Semi private- $3400

Private- Full

May 13 Availability List Residential Care Homes

Cypress Assisted Living ll

Call Paul or Sharon-

Male or Female Semi Private- $3650

Private- Full

Alzheimer's Certified

Hands To Lend Assisted Living,LLC

Hands To Lend

Call Tricia-

2 Semi Private Female $3750

April 18th Residential Care Home List

We Are Family

Call Aretha-832-648-2388

Private- $3950 and $4250

Avista Living Northwest Houston

Avista Home

Call Adrian for more information on this home


Comfort Care Assisted Living

Comfort Care

Call Jerome- 281-942-6538

Semi Private $3200

Private- Full​

Bear Creek

God Love NW Houston Assisted Living Home

God Love Assisted Living Homes

Call Jo Vu-832-925-4628

Private- $3750

Semi-Private- $3000

Families are looking

Room for Another Bear Creek Home

Call Kathryn- 281-827-7090


Nana's Country Cottage

Call Adrian for More Information on This Property


The Villa

The Villa

Call Paolo-281-609-7031

Private $3700 to $4100

Semi-Private- $3400

Comfy Home- Katy Texas

Comfy Home

Call Lidia-713-352-7069

Semi-private $3400

Private- $3800

New Listing Coming Soon

West Houston

May 5th Residential Care Home List

Kardon Chateau


Semi private -$4500

Private- Call for pricing

Residential Care Home Cost

Autumn Years

Call Adrian​ For More information about this property.



Comfy Home Assisted Living

Comfy Homes

​Call Lidia-713-352-7069

Private- full

Semi-Private- Female $3400​

Add Your Richmond or Rosenburg Home Here

Call Kathryn- 281-827-7090

Southwest Houston

God Love Assisted Living

God Love Assisted Living Homes

Call Jo Vu -832-925-4628


Shared​ $3000

Private- $3750

Missouri City/Sugarland

Optimum Personal Care Home

Optimum Personal Care Home Sugarland

Call Dana-​281-903-5741

Semi private female- $4500​

Private- Full​

June 23rd Residential Care Homes

Optimum Personal Care Home- Missouri City

Call Dana​-281-903-5741

Semi private female $3750​

Private- Full​

Circles at Wrenway Assisted Living Facility

Circles of Wrenway

Call Sheila

Private- $3000

Semi-private- $2500  NOW AVAILABLE​

Summer Wind Residential Care Home

Summer Wind

Call Tim- 832-981-4489

Semi private $3800 Male or female

Private- $4000​

Assisted Living Personal Care at Cozy Living

Cozy Living

Call Jo- 281-789-6780

Semi private $3000​

Golden Splendor Residential Care Homes

Golden Splendor- Type A

Call Jo-281-789-6780

Semi Private male $1650​

Families are looking

List Your Residential Care Home

Call Kathryn - 281-827-7090

Families are looking

​Eden's Reflection Assisted Living

Call Tashna -713-597-4735



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Find the right home. The Assisted Living Houston Care Home List is published and updated weekly. The goal is to make it easier for families like yours to find these smaller homes that are so big on care.

Assisted Living can be confusing. This website will make it easy for you to make the right choices for an elderly parent. Call a few homes today to schedule a tour. This may be the right option for you and your family. 

Houston and surrounding areas are home to many of these assisted living residential care homes. In Texas, the law states that if you care for more than 3 residents you must be licensed. These homes listed care for 3 to 16 residents. Because they are smaller that other Houston Assisted Living facilities they are often able to give higher quality care.

Learn more about Houston Assisted Living:

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Looking for 2017 Assisted living residential care homes?  These 2017 Residential care homes offer personal care services for Mom or Dad. Find a Small Assisted Living Residential Care Home or commonly called a Residential Care Home in the Greater Houston Area. Our list of Greater Houston Residential Care Homes Prices and Availability near you is updated weekly to give you current openings and prices so you can make the best decisions. Whether you are in Katy, New Caney, Pearland, The Woodlands, Cypress or somewhere else in the Houston area we will keep you informed about elderly residential care homes with openings. Search Houston Assisted Living 2017  Residential Care Homes List or Small Assisted Living Care Home. Discover the Cost in Houston and surrounding cities and who has openings. Get personal care services in a home setting. View pictures, see prices and talk to the owners. The list includes homes that are licensed and smaller unlicensed homes in the area. There are both Type A and Type B homes and some homes may be Alzheimer’s certified. See the Texas Department of Aging and Disability website for more information on certification and to review records. As always do your own research and get recommendations. A good care home is happy to supply you with a list of families who are currently or have used their services in the past. Homes that care for 3 or less do not have to be licensed. Many of these offer excellent care. As always do your research, visit and ask questions.

Search residential care homes in the city or area of town where you live.

Click on the links on the name of the home to get more information, including phone numbers.