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All Assisted Living encompasses all care that holds an assisted living license in the state of Texas. Assisted Living facilities with over 16 residents are considered large assisted living facilities. Residential care homes must be licensed if the care for between 4 and 16 residents. They are considered a small assisted living facility. The license requirements are the same for both large and small assisted living facilities in Texas. Alzheimer's Certified Homes or larger facilities both operate under the assisted living license with additional requirements that must be met to receive the Alzheimer's certification.


All Assisted Living Records may be reviewed on the Dad's ( Department of Aging and Disability) website.


Assisted living Facilities are categorized into two types. Type A and Type B The difference is about the care level needed for residents.

  • A Type A facility cares for residents who do not require routine attendance during sleeping hours and are capable of following directions in an emergency.
  • A Type B facility is for residents who require staff assistance to evacuate, are not capable of following directions in an emergency and require nighttime attendance.