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If you have been caring for an aging parent or spouse chances are you may need a break. Adult Day Care and Respite Programs in the Houston area can help you.

Adult Day Care programs are usually open Monday through Friday when many people are working. If you have someone who lives with you but needs help, socialization or is not safe to leave alone a day program may be just what you need. These programs usually cost less than having a caregiver come to your home and also give your loved one the social interaction with people their own age. Having someone to talk to who has many of the same memories as you can bring a lot of joy into your aging parent’s life.

Many of the Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Facilities also offer adult day care for seniors who have these special needs. Caring for someone with any type of dementia can be especially draining. Taking a break now and then is so important for the family caregiver.

Respite Care is offered in a variety of settings including your own home. Bringing in a home care agency to allow you to take a vacation or even just a weekend away can make all of the difference in your health and well being. A healthy and happy caregiver is a good caregiver.

Assisted Living Facilities and Care homes also often offer Respite Care programs.

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