Residential Care Homes

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Residential Care Homes For Seniors

Search map for residential care homes in your neighborhood. Get prices and phone #'s. In Houston you may call these care homes a Personal Care Home, Residential Care Home or even a Small Assisted Living home. Whatever you call them Care Homes are all over Houston and there may be one right in your neighbourhood.

Care homes in Houston are homes that care for Elderly residents. They are licensed by the state as an assisted living facility. A typical home in Houston may care for 6 to 12 residents depending on what the facility is licensed for and how large the home is. Residents may have private or shared rooms.

The real benefit to a care home is the level of care they are able to provide. While a nursing home or large assisted living facility may have 1 caregiver for every 8 residents a Houston Care Home will usually have 1 caregiver for every 4 residents. Because there are a small number of residents in a smaller environment it is easy for the caregiver to always have an eye on the resident to know if they need help.

Meals are home cooked and eaten around the dinner table just like at home! Many care homes cater to resident’s particular needs and desires often cooking special meals upon request.
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