Secure Your Legacy- Benefits and Services For Seniors

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Stephanie Salcedo has been working with seniors for over 11 years. Her desire is to help seniors make the best plans for their future and the future of their family. Secure Your Legacy  will help you in 4 key areas all seniors should pay  attention to.

Your Medicare

Supplement Advisor

A,B,C, D- It's all so confusing?

If you are turning 65 you are probably confused about what you may need.

An independent Medicare Advisor works with many insurance companies.

As such they are able to find the best plans at the best rates for your unique situation​.

Stephanie is your Independent Medicare Advisor in Texas.

Contact Stephanie for a complimentary consultation. 832-953-4229


Funeral Planning Advisor

Funeral Prices are only going to increase. Even cremation is on the rise?

Learn why it’s important to make your end of life decisions known and what options are available for funding a funeral or cremation plan.

An independent Funeral Advisor can shop around to find the best plan at the best price for you.​

​Planning a funeral is not easy.Make it less stressful on your family when your time comes.

Talk to Stephanie about finding the right plan for you.


Long Term Care Advisor

Long-Term Care can be a devastating factor and expense in one’s life.

If you are not prepared with a Long-Term Care plan, you may run out of funds.

When is the time to seek advise from an expert ?Wait to long and you may not qualify.

New plans offer flexibility.​ and protection for your family.

​Your investment will be returned to your beneficiaries if you never need to coverage.

Click here to learn more on the cost associated with Long-Term Care.


Travel Insurance Advisor

Love to Travel?

When you have waited all your life to be able to enjoy your retirement you don't want anything to spoil the fun.

An unexpected illness or death while on vacation can be a nightmare for your family and/or traveling partners.

It doesn't have to be. With a travel insurance plan you can be assured a safe and effortless trip back to the good old USA!

Email Stephanie for more information​​

Get Your Planning Guide and Facts about Funerals

Turning 65? Confused About Medicare? Thinking it may be time to Pre-Plan Your Funeral? Not Sure If Long Term Care Insurance Is Right For You?

You have come to the right place.

As an independent advisor, Stephanie Salcedo can guide you through the maze. Choosing the right medicare, long-term care and funeral plan can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. Stephanie does not work for an insurance company or a funeral home. As such she is free to help you “shop the market” and get the best price for the best plans to meet your needs and desires.

Stephanie Salcedo is Your Independent Advisor

” My desire is to give seniors the information they need to make the best choices for them.” Stephanie has worked with hundreds of seniors. She has given them peace of mind by helping them find the right plans.

Call Stephanie today 832-953-4229 or email her to set up a complimentary appointment