Senior Financial and Legal Tips
Senior Financial & Legal Tips

​Senior Financial and Legal Tips

Having senior financial affairs in order is crucial when it comes time to figure out how to pay for elder care. Medicare and Medicaid can be quite confusing and learning what each pays and does not pay is critical when you are facing a medical crisis. Browse the subjects below to read articles helping you understand where to find the help you need. The articles in this series will also give you legal tips helping you to know what legal documents for seniors you may need to have in place. Learn about power of attorney, trusts, guardianship and so much more! Knowing what the cost of elder care and what options may be available to help you pay. You may have VA benefits for elder care that you were unaware of or you may be able to convert a life insurance policy to help pay. Understand the facts about reverse mortgages and how they could help seniors who want to continue to live at home. When you have the facts about senior finances you will be able to make informed decisions for the care of that special someone in your life.