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Moving Seniors With Limited Mobility

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Packing an Aging Parent   Moving is exhausting no matter what your age! If you have lived in a home for 30, 40 or even 50 years it can seem overwhelming.

Trying to get your aging parent to move?

This is a challenge many adult children with aging parents are facing today. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just hard to get your parents to listen to you. After all you are their child. bringing in an outside professional can really help.

 Houston senior move managers can help!

They can help your parent sort through and let go of years of  accumulation in their homes, deciding what to take, what to donate or gift to family and what to sell. It’s called downsizing your home and they are experts! Plus since they do not have the emotional bonds that you do with your aging parents they can help your parent to make the tough decisions about what to do with everything. Coordinating the entire move from start to finish is their specialty and when your parent moves into their new independent or assisted living home they will feel at home because attention to every detail has been taken.

But mom lives in Illinois and I am moving her to Katy? Not a problem. Houston Senior Move Managers can connect with another move manager where your mom lives. Together they coordinate the move sharing information such as floor plans in the new home so the right amount of furniture and accessories arrives.  Houston Senior Move Managers will then recreate the look and feel of mom’s home in Illinois. A no stress way to move! When you are relaxed about the move mom will begin to relax also.

What to look for

You will want to find  Houston senior move managers that are part of the National Association Of Senior Move Managers. Search this site to find a senior move manager who can help you.